Bedi Capital LLP

Hedge Funds

Why Hedge Funds?

  • State of the art investment methods
  • Improve portfolio efficiency
  • Diversification of sources of potential return
  • Low correlation with traditional assets
  • Absolute returns
  • Assets work harder to capture different risk premia

Fund of Hedge Fund as Facilitators

Investor concerns

  • Lack of understanding
  • High investment minimia
  • Lack of transparency and regulation
  • Diversification

Fund of Hedge Funds as facilitators

  • Professional investment management
  • Rigorous investment selection process
  • Rigorous due diligence
  • Build trust over time
  • Diversification 

Single Hedge Fund as Facilitators

  • Global access to best single hedge fund strategies
  • Manager expertise in diverse asset class
  • Absolute return managers, niche expertise
  • Disciplined investment procedure
  • Strong risk management and due diligence
  • Full ROI participation
  • Construct a portfolio of single hedge fund strategies

Private Equity

Bedi Investment Approach

Our investment approach is to target industries, sectors, countries and projects which we feel will grow in the future. Since most of the private equity investments are long term investments, we seek to explore investment opportunities world wide where we believe we can unlock the long term value of the investments and are growth industries with hands on management.

We are currently focusing in opportunistic markets. Based on both macro and micro economic indicators, there is an exponential growth in certain countries and sectors. We seek to explore investments in niche industries which we feel are growth sectors and our projects are selectively chosen. Thorough due diligence is completed on individual companies and projects we seek investments in. Our investment research is backed by our partners on the ground and analysts in individual sectors and we seriously consider government approved projects. We have strong relationships with our team on the ground, local partners and government who are helping us shaping the future.

We are focusing on key strategic assets within Energy, Power, Mining and Infrastructure sectors which are multi billion dollars industries. Our focus is in the following sectors:

  • Thermal power
  • Renewable energy
  • Oil and Gas
  • Infrastructure
  • Shipping
  • Coal and coke plants
  • Commodity
  • Core sector - mines/cement plants/steel

Other Private Equity Investment opportunities

We are also looking at specific investments world wide in the following industries we feel offer great opportunities in unlocking the value of both companies and assets. We are focusing on distressed debt assets, special situations and looking at activist investments. Some of the other sectors we are also looking at are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality
  • Health care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • TMT
  • Greenfield developments
  • Physical Commodity Trading