Bedi Capital LLP

What services does Bedi Foreign Exchange provide?

• Currency payments
• Currency receivables
• Risk management
• Contract types 
                          * Spot 
                          * Same day/next day 
                          * Forward contract 
                          * Fixed forward 
                          * Limit order 
                          * Stop Loss order

• Payment and Settlements 
                         * Same day transactions 
                         * Spot transactions
                         * Forward transactions
• Range of services for our individual clients and businesses involved in import and export
• Have independent on-line secure service or speak to our dedicated brokers

Bedi Foreign Exchange Online

Our Online technology is the best in the market place and provides you with our currency services online, an alternative approach to traditional voice broking. Our one-stop solution enables you to monitor your desired exchange rates, buy and sell, view balances and statements and make payments and settlements all at the click of a button. On top of saving you time - it's FREE!

Using BFX Online complements traditional voice broking methods.

Here are some of the benefits of using our system:
1. Order - Buy or Sell Online
2. Handle payments and receivables for over 40 currencies
3. 24-hour market monitoring and dealing
4. Full transaction management and activity history
5. Live balances and statements
6. High levels of security
7. Fast & Efficient payment
8. Save even more time
9. Save even more money
10. Log-on anywhere in the world
11. It's FREE

Why Bedi Foreign Exchange (BFX)?

Our exchange rates, levels of service and groundbreaking technology apply to all our clients.
Competitive - Executing millions of pounds worth of transactions a year provides clients access to a range of suppliers including banks and liquidity providers
Transparency - We deliver our products and services with simplicity to all our clients surrounding their transactions and associated costs
Knowledgeable - The BFX team are trained to the highest standards on foreign exchange markets, payments, settlements and banking
Communication - We believe in maintaining the highest standard of communication
Reassurance - Using BFX provide all our clients reassurance that funds sent through our accounts are safe and secure throughout
Premier - We consider ourselves to provide an exclusive service to our clients unrivalled by our competitors
Efficiency - We provide our clients with the most efficient service throughout. This is achieved through our knowledge, expertise and technology.
Teamwork - Our employees and departments work hard to ensure your BFX experience is as smooth and hassle free
Quality - BFX works on the highest industry standards and client satisfaction
Innovative - BFX continues to use technology to be at the forefront of foreign exchange brokerage

How can Bedi Foreign Exchange help you?

All you need to know about using the foreign exchange services provided by BFX and how to complete a foreign exchange transaction.

Once you have open an account with BFX you can buy or sell almost any major, minor or exotic (Link to available currencies) currency in the world.

We will provide you with a step by step guide in carrying out a transaction from ordering your currency to making payment to your supplier or beneficiary. We pride ourselves in exceptional levels of personal service, making the process simple without hidden costs or obligation.

To open an online account or to discuss further in confidence, please call us or e-mail us on